American Plush Textile Mills, LLC

About US

American Plush Textile Mills, LLC.
 is a Made in the USA Textile company that specilaizes in the knitting, processing and cut and sew of pile material.

Location:   2054 Rowan Rd
                Old R&D Building
                Lumberton, NC 28358  


Tele:        765-609-0456

We at American Plush Textile Mills LLC believe that goods made in our factory should be at the same price or better than the same product made in China.  We have re-shored our factory from Asia to the United States after 15 years.  We believe in the United States and that the future of textiles will be based here in the USA. 


We specialize in the Knitting, Cut and Sewing of knit pile material, for blankets, fancy pillows, throw rugs and soft toys.  These materials consist of Long Kohair, double sided fleece, double sided terry, polar fleece and single terry dyed, printed and finished in an array of colors.


We are available for contract knitting, napping, sheering, dyeing, printing and cut and sew located in Lumberton, NC.    

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